Elite Global Consulting Services (henceforth “Elite Global”) is a 360° deal management and business consulting firm, headquartered in London and Athens.

As a premier business strategist, we manage the orchestration and execution of sound international & domestic deals, while also directing the successful collaboration between the involved parties.

In our globalized world, interdependence among states, economies, and organizations has deepened to such an extent that the sustainability of every corporation is closely associated with its ability to interact with global key stakeholders.

Recognizing this reality, Elite Global maintains a professional network of top-tier investors, funds, companies, law firms, financial advisors, tax consultants, bankers, policymakers, and opinion leaders.

We enable corporations to extend their growth momentum and reposition themselves as more influential, networked, and robust players in the business chessboard. Under a customized approach, we execute our projects on a holistic and circular basis, using tried-and-true methods and providing insightful advice.